Sunday, September 9, 2007

An Exciting Week.

Things really began to take off this week with our new addition. Before this week there were only a few stakes in the yard marking the area. Then last Saturday we came home and found this beauty in our yard!!

The contractor arrived first thing Tuesday morning, since Monday was a Holiday. He started by cutting through a cement slab where there used to be a shed. The noise level was horrible but thankfully it didn't take him long.
Next he began to dig out the hole where our cement slab and then foundation would go. Jac had a fantastic time watching the digger when he got home from school.
After two days of getting the hole just right, and marking out the foundation, it was time for cement. I had never really watched cement being pored so it was pretty exciting for me.
This is the slab as they got it almost done... smoothing and checking it make sure it was level.
The only sad part was that I headed off to town and by the time I got back and Jac got home from school it was too hard to write our names or put our hand prints in it.