Monday, August 13, 2007

Pymatuning Spillway

This is what we did today on my husband's day off. We headed out to Linesville PA, to see the newly remodeled spillway. This is a place I have visited nearly every year of my life. Now some people have told me they find it gross, but it never gets old to me.
This is a view of the carp down in the actual spillway along with this really cool giant lily pad. The motto of the spillway is Where the Ducks Walk on the Fish... Pymatuning Lake is so full of carp that the ducks could really walk on them.
Here is a picture of the spillway where the fish sometimes fall over into the pit, which opens up on the other side of the road.
Here is a lovely view of the sun hitting on the lake and the ducks and geese swimming.
We also stopped at the fish hatchery where they have this big tank with lots of different kinds of fish. You can walk downstairs and look into windows for a closer view.
If you ever happen to be in the area and want to go give me a call!!


Vern (real name, Veronica) said...

That is so neat that you get there every year.
I think it's beautiful too Amy.

bahama97 said...

That is really cool. I get into things like that too.

Paxil Princess said...

How cool is that!

Treighsie said...

That sounds really cool!!!!
And those are great pictures!