Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Belated Thank You

Every once in a while inspiration will strike... this time it came from Bowling For Soup their song My Hometown. In the lyrics they thank all the people who have helped them through the years... especially people who may not know all they did. So here is my list:

Mr. Wentworth... How could I ever thank you enough.. you steered me away from the trouble I was getting myself into, you gave me a place, you gave me confidence, you gave me serious skills with a flag pole, and you gave me some of the best memories of my high school years. Thank you so much.

Mrs. Wilcox... High school English teacher. Not only did you teach me the proper use of a comma but you gave me a confidence boost when I most needed it. Then when I was off to college you appeared there one day when I most needed someone. Thanks so much.

All My college friends... so many to list but really with out you I never would have graduated. I would have given up and went home but in different ways you all helped me to stay.. Thanks Paula, Kelly, Diane, Karen, Jenn, and Joy...

And to all of the obvious choices my parents, my other family, and my dh husband. Well you all know how much I love and appreciate you!

Thank You All!

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