Monday, February 15, 2010

Love notes!

I have a huge stack of love notes from my son Jac! He's always leaving me the cutest little notes. I never know what to with them! So for the month of February I've been participating in Lain Ehmans LOAD Challenge (HER BLOG)! Yesterday someone posted the cutest pocket page for her sons love notes! I decided to lift it right away. So this is my layout for today, as an added bonus I used one the new sets from Serendipty's Spring line! Scent with love? How perfect!
Thanks for looking!

Bonus points if you notice the cute patch where Jac wrote... he spelled from wrong the first time so I just made the little band aid to go over it instead of redoing the whole image!


Wendy said...

That is so sweet!

anya said...

Super cute! What a great way to keep all those notes together! And I love that skunk image! :)