Thursday, June 30, 2011

Blast from the past...

 Perler beads... you know little plastic beads you put on a little pegged grid, then hit them with the iron, and wala they stick together!

I decided to create some projects for my hubby!  And he loves the transformers.  I started with the Decepticon  symbol, the angles are a bit off but I think overall it came out great!  Who is your favorite Decepticon?  Mine is Starscream, the original.
Then the Autobot symbol.  I'm not super happy with this one, it is quite wonky looking to me.  But anyway, who is your favorite Autobot?  Mine is Bumblebee also the classic, cute little car, and he talked... no radio squealing like the new one.
And here they are together!  The Decepticon is my favorite for sure!  Be sure to check back for more summer craft fun, I'll show of Jac's creations later.  And be sure to check back for Alaska updates starting next week!

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