Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Don't forget to floss

after all that Halloween candy.  My second design team challenge for Serendipity Stamps was two fold for September.  Use Halloween stamps and use embroidery floss.  Well my favorite stamp for Halloween is the Spider (1226E).  Yes I know, normally I hate spiders, but well cute cartoony ones make me smile.  So once I had decided to use that stamp, I knew he would need a place to live, so I created the floss spider web.  I think it super cute and didn't take long at all.

Here is a closer look at the web and spider.  So for directions this month I'm going to tell you how I made the web.  I used a large need and embroidery floss.  I lightly drew out where i wanted the base to go in the double x style.  Then used my needle to poke holes at each end and in the middle.  Then I sewed the lines on.  Next with a new piece of thread I came up through the center hole.  I then wrapped the floss around the first line.  Then headed to the next and wrapped again.  Pretty easy, and super cute.

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Jenny Gropp said...

I love that cut little spider too! Your web is outstanding! What a fun page you created!

Katrina said...

That web is fantastic.

Miriam said...

Love the way you used the cute spider! He looks great in purple!

Kathie Bailey said...

What a perfect Halloween layout Amy. Your use of floss was brilliant!