Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Easter!

Our challenge this month was to do something with an Easter Theme.  I chose the large Easter Wreath stamp (979K).  It's a beautiful stamp with lots of little intricate parts.  I used water colors to color this time, I've been using them and loving the way the finished project looks.  After coloring and drying I cut out the stamp and decided that it would make the perfect napkin ring.  

 Here it is below colored and off of the napkin.  I admit I spent more time painting it than cutting it out.  I tend to not be a great fussy cutter, but it went together so quickly you could easily make these up the morning of your Easter dinner.

Grab these Goodies:
Serendipity Large Easter Wreath Stamp (979K)
Cloth Napkin

So there it is another quick simple project.  It helps that Serendipity creates such wonderful stamps that they don't always nee a lot of extras to make it look great.

Now on to the other wonder designers to see what they have created:

Mary has also released two new stamps that are just amazing.  I used one in an earlier post so be sure to check it out and then head to the site to buy one for yourself.

And as always don't forget to check out Serendipity Stamps! Mary runs a great site, has great sales, and links to the gallery and blog.


Jeanne J said...

Hi Amy! What a sweet idea! I love the wreath as a napkin ring - genious!

Miriam said...

What a great idea! You always do something different and fun with Mary's images!