Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A few bits of randomness!!!

My mom was off last week on spring break, and we were very busy. Lots of shopping and things to do. One of my favorite stops was the Ribbon Factory!!! Yes less than an hour away a ribbon factory, could a girl get more lucky! The best part is the five dollar bag... you get a clear bag for 5 bucks and shove it full with as much ribbon as you can get in there. It comes from this big bin of ends as they call it. I just wanted to climb inside and lay down. Here is part of the bin.

And another view of all the ribbon... ahhh. I was lucky this time they are remodeling the front sales room so this box is back in the actual factory! The rows and rows of ribbon are sooo beautiful and I forgot to take a picture of them.

And this beauty was in the box.. have you ever seen a ribbon spool so big... if I could have found a way to get it in a bag for five bucks I'd have brought it home! Just to have it! If anyone wants to go let me know... just come on over and we'll head out!And then I was asked to cut some letters for a bulletin board at church! Well I couldn't leave well enough alone and did up the whole thing. Isn't it pretty? I just love my cricut, things like this wouldn't be possible without him!

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Wendy said...

wow! that thing is huge!