Tuesday, June 26, 2012

So I may have mentioned it before but I love the craftster.org site... it's amazing... so much inspiration and talent over there!  And I love the swaps they have... just participated in two great ones... felt badges and disney! I had two partners for felt badges and sent two to each partner... both of my partners were perfect for me in this swap... below behold bacon, and a tiny hedgehog in a mushroom forest!

 And then stitch on a hawaiian flower and a kawaii apple... it's hard to see but his eyes are all glittery.  and yes stitch is all made of felt, instead of cutting out all the tiny pieces I painted on the felt!

And these are the Disney goodies I made... a simple coin purse... I'm pretty new to the sewing world, and some mickey barrets.

 And my partner collects Mr. Potato Heads, and wanted hoops so I sewed this up for her!  And I made two things out of perler beads and forgot to take pictures of them!

And I received two of my badges already aren't they fab!  Snoopy came right from my pinterest, and the little Disney guy is perfect!

So really if you haven't been over to check out Craftster... do it now!

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