Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Two new goodies...

Here are two of the projects I've been working on.  My first full sized crochet blanket.  I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  The blanket is for my niece who graduated high school this year.  The colors are the colors of the college she will be attending.  I'm so proud of you Sam.

Here is a close up of the stitches.

And here is the first project I've finished in a while that I am so proud of and want to show off to everyone.  I took the bag class with the fabulous Cheryl Wiederspan.  She was a great teacher and made making this bag so easy, especially considering it's my first major sewing project. 

Here is a shot of the inside where I added lots of pockets to hold stuff.  In nice bright fabrics so I can see what I'm after.

And one of the best parts is you unbutton the buttons and flip the bag around for a totally different look.  And did you notice the outside pocket has a zipper... yes a zipper and I put it in all by myself!  Amazing.


krcrafts said...

Love love love!!! You did an awesome job on both of your projects :) BTW, have I ever mentioned I love purple and I get cold easily?? :)

smithnwb said...

I absolutely LOVE the pattern for the crocheted blanket that you made for your neice. I would LOVE to use it for baby blankets I am making for our twins that are due in January. Is there any way I can get the pattern from you?